1. Application for space should be made in the prescribed form which has to be signed by the applicant and is legally binding.

2. Every endeavor will be made to meet request for specific sites, but such a request cannot be recognized as a condition for participation.

3. If application is signed by a third party (e.g. Representative), then this person is responsible for all the liabilities arising from the application and the participation in the exhibition.

3. 50% advance to be paid at the time of booking the stall.

4. Balance 50% to be paid one month prior to the commencement of the exhibition.




The Event Manager reserve the right at all times to change the dates of the exhibition due to force measures, without the participants being able to assess rights to compensation for any loss. A registration cannot be withdrawn or altered unilaterally by the participant.


Stall Allocation and Occupation:


1. The Event Manager may, if required, under the circumstances allocate space in another position or slightly reduce or increase the stall size. They reserve the right to alter entrance and exits to and from the exhibition ground, halls and the passages.

2. The Event Manager reserve the right to cancel stall booking any time later on the basis of misleading or false information, or the requirements for participation are no longer met by the applicant.

3. The exhibitors must occupy the space allottedwithin the given time & period. Otherwise the Event Manager reserves the right to re-allot the stalls. A space shall not be deemed to be occupied merely by placing a sign and goods other than those described in the particulars furnished the official catalogue.


Guidelines: Stall Fitting


1. The height of stall and decoration material should not exceed 2.5 m. inside the hall.

2. On completion of the exhibition, the exhibitors are responsible for removing their installations and articles and restoring the space to its original condition within the dates and time stipulated. In case of loss or damage to the Exhibition premises, the exhibitors will have to compensate for it.




While all reasonable steps for the protection of property and exhibits are taken, including the employment of private security officers, the Event Manager do not, by regulations governing the exhibition, accept any responsibility for loss or damage to, Exhibitor's or Contractor's properties within the exhibitions grounds.

The Exhibitors are requested to get all their goods insured, before they are brought on to the exhibition ground. The Event Manager is not responsible for any theft or loss of goods. Insurance, Octroi and all other liabilities of Central and state Govt. taxes is the responsibility of exhibitors. The Event Manager is not responsible for any lapses.


Working Exhibits:


1. Exhibits must be positioned in such a manner that at no time will it intrude into the gangway or hazard visitors.

2. Any exhibit or process which generates noxious or toxic fumes, or smoke of any kind, should be arranged in a manner as to have an effective exhaust system.

3. The Event Manager reserves the right to terminate an exhibit demonstration at any time, if found harmful.

4. All Supplies of fuel are to be kept in a controlled store for flammable items and all running machinery and other working exhibits shall be efficiently guarded to the satisfaction of the Event Manager to prevent injury to person.

5. The Event Manager are empowered to order the permanent cessation of a working exhibit or display, if two or more adjacent exhibitors should make serious objections to the noise or any other disturbance resulting from such a working exhibit or display.

6. No encroachment is permitted.

7. Storage of Crates, wooden boxes, packing materials etc. is not permitted in exhibition halls or interior stall areas under any circumstances.


Exhibitors Badges:


Other than the exhibition timings, entry to the exhibition ground is not permitted without the exhibitor badges. For Each 6 Sqmtr stall - 4 Badges ; 9 to 24 Sqmtr Stalls - 6 Badges; 30 to 36 - 8 Badges; 48 to 100 Sqmtr Stalls - 10 Badges; 200 sqmtr stalls - 15 Badges; 400 and above - 20 Badges each stall would be provided.

Extra Badges would be available at Rs. 100/- per badge.


Gate Pass:


1. Exhibitors are requested to note that they would require a Gate Pass for security purposes in case they wish to take any exhibits / items out of the exhibition ground. The Gate Passes would be available on written request at the office.

2. A final Gate Pass would be needed on the last day for the exhibitors to move out of the exhibition ground.


Distribution of Promotion Material:


1. Price lists, Pamphlets, Advertisements etc. may only be distributed from exhibitors' own stalls and not in the public gangways, nor at any other locations on the exhibition ground.

2. Exhibitors are allowed to distribute literature of their company only.

3. The participants are not allowed to share the display area with any other company without the prior permission of the Event Manager.


Cleaning of Halls:


The Event Manager for the cleaning of the halls in general has made arrangements. The cleaning of the stalls and exhibits will remain the responsibility of the exhibitors.


Noise and Light:


The level of sound of the amplifying systems and the intensity of lights used, must be such that no inconvenience or annoyance is caused to other exhibitors or visitors. Any complaint received will result in termination of such display.


Exhibitors Material Inward & Outward:


During ongoing exhibition - Material inward & outward is allowed between 9.00 am. to 10.00 am.




In addition to any right or reservations already specified, the Event Manager reserves the following rights.


1. The information, rules and regulations about the exhibitors are subject to alteration or deletion. In case of deletion or alteration the Event Manager will keep the exhibitors informed.

2. All matters in connection with the exhibition not provided for, by these rules and regulations, shall be settled or determined by the Event Manager, whose decision in relation thereof shall be final.

3. To remove from the exhibition ground the goods of an exhibitor who may contravene any of the regulations in force.

4. In case of cancellation, or postponement of Krishithon caused by natural calamities, Government's instructions and / or any other reasons, the exhibitors shall comply with the decision of the Event Manager.

5. All the claims are subject to Nashik jurisdiction.

6. Agree that to indemnify the organizers for selecting of inviting business visitors / visitors & their numbers which will be at the sole description of the organizer.

7. GST extra as applicable.