Dairy Expo

Nashik already identified, as a potential market is an emerging ground set for a huge dairy business. Krishithon Dairy Expo has received immense response from the visitors and well-known participants from the industry, with a wide range of products required in the sector, right from the milking to the packaging, logistic and delivery.

The fourth edition of the Krishithon Dairy Expo is expected to be a platform for networking, interaction of dairy farmers with experts and an active brand promotion tool for the companies intending to reach a large number target audience.

Dairy seminars are well crafted that they suit and meet the requirements, which addresses the issues and challenges of all involved.

Fruit & Vegetable Tech Expo

Nashik being one of the Horticulture rich district of India hosts the Fruit & Vegetable Tech expo. The F & V tech Expo from the year of its inception in 2013 has been picked up as a popular ground for professionals from the Fruit & Vegetable industry. The F & V Tech expo gets it participation from the companies who offer range of products and services that are required from sowing to processing.

The visitor's profile for this expo apart from the growers includes professionals from production, processing, trading logistics, packaging, post-harvest technology, machinery & retail sectors. Seminars organized for the sector are related to farmers and professionals so as to enlighten them and focuses on the technological support in terms of value addition to their produce that appreciates the right value of the product.

Renewable Energy Pavilion Krishithon

Focused Pavilion is dedicated for the renewable energy sector namely Solar Energy, Bio Energy, Wind Energy and Hydro Energy - Showcase your products, brand and activities in an exciting setting focused on the latest innovations and market trends

Green House Pavilion

Polyhouse technique of farming is fast catching up the agricultural practices in India. KRISHITHON is according prime importance to polyhouse culture during the exhibition. An exclusive section related to polyhouse is going to be dedicated in KRISHITHON wherein various products and recent innovations related to polyhouse will be showcased.

Demonstration Area

There is going to be spacious demonstration areas located strategically in the exhibition premises. Participants in the Krishithon exhibition can hold demonstrations of their products / innovations in these areas if required for the benefit of visitors / buyers. To book the demonstration spaces the participants need to contact organisers.